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Attract New Opportunities with Feng Shui

Attract New Opportunities by Using Entryway Feng Shui

Raise your hand if you want to welcome new opportunities, fresh energy, and amazing things into your life. I bet everyone on the planet is raising their hand right now. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to attract all of these incredible things into their life?

Let’s see another show of hands of those who are aware of the key role that the entryway plays in the energy of our home. I bet that there are not many hands raised now. From my experience, most people are not conscious of the powerful role that the entryway plays in their lives. After all, it is the space that is quickly walked through, often left in shambles and is most likely the last place we think to decorate. I believe that this neglected space deserves some much-needed attention.

Read on to learn about the importance of your entryway and 3 Feng Shui cures that you can do right now to improve this space.

Importance of Your Entryway

The first thing I see, as a professional Feng Shui consultant, or anyone when entering a home, is the front entryway. The front entrance is where all energy comes into a house.

What is in this area either graciously welcomes energy into your home or prevents any energy coming in at all!

Think of it as an airport. It’s a hub for energy. The worst part about this neglect of the entryway is the fact that a majority of us are unconsciously blocking energy from entering our home, resulting in the domino effect in our lives. Whenever I do a Feng Shui consultation, I recommend first improving the entryway because it really is the first step to being in flow with the Universe. Our home should be affectionately inviting energy in and cleansing itself of anything that no longer serves us. Thankfully, this situation can easily be improved by assessing your space with the help of the Feng Shui cures shared below.

Improve your entryway using Feng Shui

Feng Shui Cures for Your Entryway

1. Have a Clean, Organized Space

As a former professional organizer, with the urge to organize everything still coursing through my veins, I advocate for every space in your home to be clean and organized. And when I say this I by no means encourage the pursuit of perfection, as that does not truly exist. I mean clean as in there isn’t visible dust at all times, and the floor can be seen.

I am also the mother to 2 (now fully-grown) children so I completely understand the struggle of keeping a home ‘presentable.’ The key to Feng Shui is intention, so if you clean with all of your might and have the intention of inviting energy in your home, you’re on the road to success.

One of the best practices that I recommend for keeping a clean home is creating a schedule. Begin by determining when and how much time you are able to devote to your schedule. Maybe it’s once a week or 10 minutes every day. Then, decide what you will do during each block of time. Perhaps, vacuuming, dusting, or wiping surfaces. Then follow the schedule, doing your best to be as consistent as possible. Once you start to get into the habit, you will see that it becomes second-nature to maintain a clean, organized, and welcoming entryway.

Not only is keeping this space clean important but it is also important to keep this space organized. Remove clutter (ie. too many coats, knick-knacks taking over every surface or shoes pilling up against the wall) and get rid of any pieces that are too big for the space. Too often I see benches that add no value or tables that are awkward to move around. In this space, keeping it simple is best. Consider what can actually fit and what will add value. When it comes to placing furniture, do what causes the less obstructions to the path and feel the best energetically for you. When you feel happy and at peace with your choice, you’ve made the best decision.

2. A Well-Lit Entryway Boosts Energy in the Heart & Home

Keeping your entryway well-lit with bright indoor lighting or better yet natural light, will help boost moods and energy in the home. Dark spaces tend to drain the energy of all who live there so try replacing burnt-out lightbulbs, adding fixtures, or painting a brighter paint colour to help reflect light. Also, if you find that your entryway is dark and bleak, consider replacing your front door with one that has glass to help illuminate the space. Or if you can splurge, a beautiful stained-glass display is great for lifting the energy of a space.

Improve Your Entryway Using Feng Shui

3. Cobwebs are the Enemy

Although cobwebs make for incredible Halloween decorations, according to Feng Shui they are not ideal any time of year. Cobwebs represent built-up stagnant energy and when found in the entryway it blocks energy from entering the home, the worst possible outcome. This problem can be tackled by regularly dusting and vacuuming.

The entryway might not be the heart of the home but it is equally as important as it is the gatekeeper of energy. The entryway has the power to control the energy of the entire home so realizing its importance and prioritizing keeping it energy-friendly is crucial. But with a little Feng Shui, we can all restore our neglected gatekeeper back to its well-deserved glory.

If you're looking for personalized support optimizing the energy of your home, book a virtual Feng Shui consultation with me. Book your consultation here.

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