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Beginner's Guide: How to Start Implementing Feng Shui into Your Life!

If you're new to Feng Shui, grab a paper and pen to get started. For those already on this path, this exercise might offer new insights to enhance your practice.

In Feng Shui, your environment is meant to support you. If it doesn’t, you may want or need to make a few adjustments. It’s beneficial to involve everyone living in your home in this exercise. However, if that’s not possible, proceed with your adjustments, and perhaps your results will inspire others to join you later on.

Step #1: Draw three columns on your page and label the columns “Bagua Map”, “Working" and "Not Working". 

Step #2: Under the bagua map, list the 9 life categories: Wealth/Prosperity, Fame/Reputation, Relationship/Love, Family, Health, Children/Creativity, Skills/Knowledge, Career/Life Path, and Helpful People/Travel.

Step #3: For each category answer the questions listed below.

Here's an example for the Helpful People & Travel area:

  • Do you handle everything in the house yourself?

  • Struggling to find the right professional help (painter, realtor, contractor, etc.)?

  • Want to travel more or less for business or pleasure?


  • Traveling the perfect amount for my business.


  • You are struggling to find the right people to help you with the “honey to-do list”.

  • Kids won’t pick up after themselves.

The 9 Life Areas of the Bagua Map: Questions:

Wealth and Prosperity – Do you want to buy a new house, vehicle, or cottage? Would you like to take a vacation? Is your money disappearing quickly? Are you desiring more luxuries in life?

Fame and Reputation – Are you missing out on promotions at work? Are you seeking recognition at work? Do you feel others talk poorly about you?

Relationship and Love – Are you happy in your marriage/relationship? Is your relationship losing its spark? Are you content in current relationships? Looking for the right partner? Attracting the wrong people?

Family – Do you have good family relationships? Do you and your partner want to start a family? Do you and your family members communicate properly and enough? 

Health – Do you have health issues? Do you need to exercise more and choose healthier food choices? Are you frequently sick? Is clutter affecting your health?

Children and Creativity – Are your kids causing you stress? Are you having trouble conceiving? Do you want more creativity in life? Are you feeling bored in your life? 

Skills and Knowledge – Are you struggling in school? Is your current education sufficient? Are you making poor choices? Do you want to change careers but lack skills?

Career and Life Path – Do you love your job or feel frustrated? What's the issue – people, money, location, stress?

Helpful People and Travel – Are you doing everything at home by yourself? Are you having trouble finding help? Do you want to travel more or less? 

After completing the exercise, you'll have a clear outline of areas needing improvement and a list of what's already working well in your life.

Step #4: Note the date you start making changes. Review your list after 6-8 weeks, observe any changes, and celebrate your successes!

Enjoy your Feng Shui journey! Looking for more help schedule your Feng Shui consultation today!

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